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In 1992 I made an Excel worksheet to keep track of my running miles. Six years later, I bought The Athlete's Diary, an excellent fast calculating program, and stopped using the spreadsheet. In early 2002, however, I began to use OS X exclusively on my Macintosh and did not feel like opening Classic mode just to record my daily runs. I looked at two logs created by David Hays and Geof Newton and found out both of them gave me credit for inspiring them to make better logs. I am glad my simple log led to better logs.

My new log began as David's log. I made changes, deleting heart rate information and some of his entire sheets. I added a section on daily weight and body fat (using one of those fancy scales) which is part of my daily entry. David helped me with these changes, along with Nick Spring who created formulas that were beyond my simple knowledge. Anyone who thinks of using my log should look at David's or Geof's logs.

David's log has these features mine doesn't: gives the runner a choice of English or metric measures, mine is just English; data entry for heart rate, average miles for last 7 and 30 days, trend weight and bmi formulas, a sheet to create a training plan, a marathon predictor sheet, and distribution of types of runs.

I took those features out of David's log as they do not fit what I log. However, I added easy daily entries for weight and body fat (I use a Tanita scale), added more shoes and workout type options. On the race page, I added columns for points and age graded points.

Lastly, I would also suggest runners look at the logs created by Prescott Balch. They have extensive data entries for measuring quality vs non-quality runs. Also, they are standalone applications which do not need Microsoft Excel.

Download my log

Geof's Log

David's Log

Prescott's Log

My original log in Excel format.