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Born 1957 in Philadelphia Pa. Grew up outside Phila, Colleged in Washington DC, spent legal clerkship in Albany, settled in Port Washington New York, and works and sometimes runs in New York City. Started running in 1977, but ceased during college. Started running again in 1993. So far run six marathons. Looking to qualify for Boston and eventually break 3 hours before being overtaken by age.

Born 1956. Married to Michele Wolfe, we live in Niantic, CT with 3 dogs and a
cat. Between us we have 2 grown children and two in college. Dave
still runs on EB's corporate racing team..

born in 1970 in Western Massachusetts. I competed in Track and CC in high school and didn't run in college. Upon graduation and a desk job, I found the need to get the muscles moving and have been running ever since. I currently reside in Newton, MA, and recently qualified for my third Boston Marathon.

dob 1/29/48, began running in 1973. Member of Achilles Track Club and the Hudson Mohawk Road Runners Club. Formerly a USAT&F; certified coach (certificate has since timed out). I mostly coached distance runners, many marathoners too, although I've never run a marathon myself. My specialty was "starting out" runners. For 12 years I managed the GE T&F; teams for the Corporate Athletics Assn, National Relays and the Chase Corporate Challenge, but I no longer work for GE. I have also planned and directed many local road races and written dozens of articles and reports for the HMRRC Pace Setter newsletter.

Born May 2, in Tewksbury, MA. Reside on the Farmost Farm in Maine with husband, 2 children, 3 horses, 2 cats, and a dog. I am a breast cancer survivor - hoohoo! I started running in order to show my appreciation to my sister Donna, who raises money for cancer research each year at Boston (as a qualifier). I am also the publicity poobah for the White Mountain Milers of NH. I am lucky enough to be able to homeschool my son, coach middle school track and teach skiing part-time. MJ's Web Page

born 1972 and raised in Nutley, New Jersey. My first introduction to running was through soccer over 15 years ago and I've been running ever since. I enjoy the half marathon distance and the challenge of getting myself out the door to clear my mind. I am now living Boston.

I was born in Seattle, WA in 1964. I have been living in the Boston area since 1986. I started running in August of 1996. I can't believe that I waited so long to begin running, I love it! I have been married to my husband Jeff since 1986 and I have a dog named Hunter. I am happy to say that both Jeff and Hunter run with me!

Born 1955, a runner since 1968. My vocation is Sr. Technical Writing Manager for i-Logix Corp. When I'm not running, working or doing stuff with my family, I edit Cool Running.

Red Hook, NY. Born 1961. Running since 1975. My running is split between roads and trails. I also enjoy cross country skiing.

born 1/16/54 in Hong Kong and raised in Hawaii. I work as a professor of psychology at UMASS Boston. I have been running for over 25 years and have completed 25 marathons and many road races. I love running as a way to reduce stress, have fun, and to challenge myself. This year, 2002, I will be running my 11th consecutive Boston Marathon. It is my favorite race, as all the spectators and energy make training through a NE winter worthwhile.

I have been running since 1993. Ran 11 marathons, but alas got injured. After surgery I am getting back to running. Now a multi-sport kind of person. Commuted by bike to work 26 miles round trip in the summer of 2001. The bike miles pile up a lot faster than running. I am now is mixing up swimming, biking, and running together. Someday I may get back to running and racing.

born 1/10/1954. Running for about 15 yrs. consistently. Just finished seven years of working in a middle school and coaching xc running & skiing, and track & field...sure am going to miss it! Member of White Mountain Milers, Conway, NH and currently training for a couple of fall marathons, one with my sister MJ, her first and cancer free for 5 years! Yea! Love to run mornings. I have found runners to be the most positive people in my life and love the dead encounters!

DOB 12/16/64. I live in Manchester, NH. I started running in August of 1997 just before signing up for my first race. It is my hopes that running will bring me to the 80 lb total weight loss I want (50lbs as of 04/01/98). I am a legal assistant and running helps with the stress of my job it also helps with the stress of having a *special* child and all those challenges. I am training for a 1/2 marathon and will finish one before the end of 1998. I am a member of the Penguin Brigade and meet NE Penguins for group runs at least once a month. I'm still way too slow to run with the NE Deads, but one day.... one day I shall. Annette's Web Page

Born 1954 and grew up in Wayland MA, a once rural suburb of Boston. I was a pretty good sprinter in my HS days, but dropped out of running shortly after. In 1986 I took up distance running on a dare (anything over a mile was "distance" to me). I've enjoyed running/racing ever since and have even experimented with sprinting again in the last several years. Currently living in the hills of Readsboro VT, I'm not completely sidelined from arthritis - running occasionally, hiking and cycling more. Peter's Web Page

Born 1940, running since 1985. Trained more and better and raced more after joining DRS in 1991, and, locally,
Cambridge Sports Union in 1994. Set PRs in 5K, 5M, 10K, 1/2thon in '94-'96, and ran my only (so far) marathon at Cape Cod in 1995. Equally important, I've had a great time at three DRS World Conferences and countless Boston Dead encounters, many around mid-April. For some years now, the DRSNEAST listmeister. Current goals, after a couple years of recovery from nagging hamstring-tendon injuries, is to train better and longer, and improve my soft PRs for half-marathon and longer.

Deceased in Hopkinton, Mass, to run consistently through the year including some of the Dead Sunday Morning Runs.

Born 1951, presently living in Medway, MA. with my wife Susan and two sons Mike and Drew. I have been running on and off since high school. Typical runs range from 3 to 7 miles, 3 or 4 times a week, for approximately 20 miles/week. Other fitness interests - walking, biking, hiking and weights.

St. Louis dead was on loan to the Northeast. Started running because I didn't have time to walk. Nuts enough to drive to Boston from New Hampshire to run every chance I get. Left in body for St. Louis in 9/96, but remains in spirit partly in the northeast.

born in Montreal in 1958. Grew up, went to school and worked as a TV producer, writer and news executive in Montreal until 1995. Since then: web dude in New York, Boston, New York, Washington, and back to New York (whew!) for a publishing company, PBS, and an environmental
nonprofit. Claim to fame: unpacking! Also: being last one picked for high school gym teams. Began running in 1992. Fitness accomplishments include a couple of ultras and twice completing a simulation of Navy SEAL "hell week." So if the enemy ever invades Central Park and challenges me to a push up contest, I will be prepared.

born 12/12/54 lives in Storrs CT. Married (Stacey) with two boys 9 and 7 (Evan & Ethan). My earliest race shirt is 1979 but really started running around '83 when I quit smoking. My only streak is Manchester road race since '85. I've done nine Mt. Washingtons and have nine stories to tell anyone interested.. I often get out to local races, Amherst 10M and Block Island. I recently have discovered trail running and hope to soon run our Club (Willimantic AC) banner event Nipmuck Trail Marathon some day. Ran first marathon (Philly) in '98 then Marine Corps and Dublin since. Stacey ran Marine Corps the year after I did in around 5:00. PR's are 3:55 marathon, 44:0010k, 19.54 5k, and 1:38 Mt Washington nearly all set ten years ago. My running program has been consistent for years (1000 miles per year) but falls off every year in the heat of summer and after the marathons.
I've seen John McNerney and his dead shirt every year at Amherst since '94 and finally got around to looking this up and have been lurking for a year or two. Great stuff! I read voraciously the reviews of exotic races, crazy ultra stuff and lately threads about treadmills, music, movies, heart monitors, GPS and general advice from the pros out there.

Born in 1950 - I started running in my early 30's to stay in shape for playing soccer, and soon found reasons to enjoy running for its own sake. I train 35-45 mpw, and run more races than all the training guides say I should (about 45 last year). I prefer 15K to 1/2M distances, where endurance matters more than speed. I especially like scenic courses with some hills

Born 1960, runner since 1986. I am a Clydesdale Penguin (big and slow). My goals are simple, to stay healthy and keep running.

Born 2/24/53.I live in Royalston, MA, that's in the boonies of north central Mass. My usual running routes are on dirt roads. I usually run alone (I'm still hoping to find a Dead to run with in these parts). I am an ER nurse. I started running in 1995 since I had become a bit *out of shape* after having a child (my one and only) at the age of 38. My first 4 years of running had a lot of ups and downs due to old back problems that were exacerbated by the running. I've had a lot of therapy by a chiropractor (who does sports injuries), physical therapy, and yoga. All of these therapies contributed to cure me, I'm on the road, and running stronger than ever.

I live in Winchester, MA, a town just north of Boston, nestled in the Mystic River valley between two steep ridges. Maybe that's why I enjoy hills so much! I began running regularly in 1997, got the bug seriously after my first half-a-thon (Bay State) that fall and have have run 17 marathons, plus lots of shorter races, since. I enjoy running with the Winchester Highlanders and all the Dead Runners out there.
The highlights of my brief running career are: 4 successive Boston Marathons (98-01, 5th coming up 4/02), a sub-1:30 at Mt. Washington Road Race (6/99), a marathon PR at Chicago (10/99 - the day of the current world record), 10K PR at Beach-to-Beacon (8/01) and 5th Masters at Pikes Peak Marathon (8/01). Still, my goal of a sub-3:00 marathon has eluded me, and I'm not getting any younger! I am looking forward to running my first Ultra (Bighorn Trail 50M, Sheridan Wyoming) in June '02, and hope to live long enough to run marathons in all 50 states plus DC.

Born July,1962. Liked playing sports, in general, and found myself running to stay in shape for other things. Got to like it and, after about 2 years off, am starting to get into running again. Hope to do a marathon before long and then get into triathlons. I'm a computer analyst and have always lived in New England (NH and MA).

Born in Moberly, MO in early 1946, I lived on a farm near Canton, MO until I was 9. That year "the cow" died and my father's dream of being an independent farmer along with it. Mom and dad both took teaching jobs in St. Charles, MO where I finished primary and secondary school. Since they were both teachers we had the summers to ourselves and spent most of them on that farm near Canton. My mother still owns the farm and my brother spends quite a bit of time relaxing there, 125 miles away from his law practice in St. Charles. I ran the 1/4 mile and mile relay in high school track. I think my best 1/4 mile time was something like 55.2, but I believe a ran one leg of a mile relay under 55, the number 54.7 sticks in my mind but who knows. After undergraduate school at Cornell University, I was drafted in 1969 while a 1st year grad student at Stanford. During ny little vacation with the USA I spent 10 months in Huntsville, AL (home town of DRS Poet Laureate, Jim Puckett) and 18 months near Ulm, Germany (birthplace of Albert Einstein, talk about ridiculous to sublime :-). Returning to Palo Alto with a significant beer belly, I started running again in 1975, this time just to try to keep in shape and keep the beer gut from returning. In 1981 I left Stanford and joined IBM in Westchester County (just north of NYC) where I've been ever since. I got bitten by the marathon bug in 1990 and I've run about 40 marathons since then, but mostly in 3 venues, 12 NYC Marathons, 8 Boston Marathons and the 11 Dutchess County Classics as of early 2002. Mary Ann and I were married in October 1968 and live in Mohegan Lake, NY, about 50 miles north of New York City.

Born 1962, living in Worcester. Husband, father of 3, avid orienteer, marathoner, triathlete. Former HS member of XC team (5k) and track team; once ran a 5:05 mile. Employed at Intel as Senior Systems Engineer in Shrewsbury, Mass. I have run 6 marathons (PR 3:44), and many ultralong orienteering events: the Billygoat, the Blue Hills Traverse, and the Hudson Highlander. I am hoping to improve my times at distances shorter than the marathon before attempting another marathon. I would like to improve my Half ironman time of 6:34. Organizer of Central Massachusetts-based triathlon club, the Central Mass Striders Multisport Team.

John McNerney Born in 1951. Started running at 36 y/o in order to quit smoking. It worked, I've been smoke free since 1987. For me, PRs are no great shakes, I'm only doing it for my own amazement. I am a full time Substance Abuse Counselor at a minimum security prison. I have a wife who walks, and two daughters, mid 20s, both on their own, with kids of their own. Neither runs. Oh well. John's Web Page John's Web Page

Born in1958, running since I can remember. Spouse is Jim Smith, also a runner. Three kids, live in rural Vermont. Other sports include swimming (summer), hiking, snowshoeing and canoeing.

Born in 1966 in Dover, NH. Migrated to Watertown, MA. Have been running for the past 5 years. Ran Baystate '95. Would like to run another marathon in the next year and someday run Boston.

Parker MorseBorn 1974, runner since 1986. New Englander by birth, education, and plain good luck; Mainer-in-exile. Professional web geek and gradual student at various Western Massachusetts institutes of higher learning. Former Online Editor for Runner's World; still an occasional contributor to various running web sites. Parker's Web Page

Originally from Ireland, I've been running and racing for, lo these many years now. A few years ago, I began to dabble in extreme sports and now concentrate on adventure racing - races of 3-10 days duration (non-stop) which involve multiple sports (running, paddling, biking, climbing, riding etc.) and require that you navigate your own route.

Born 1958 in Philadelphia, grew up in Pittsburgh. Came to Boston for good in 1980. Started running in 1991, mostly to quit smoking. Realized I'd substituted one addictive behavior for another when I finished my 11th marathon in Fall of '96. Currently reside in Newton, Mass. where I am the proud founder and folk hero of the Garden City Marathon, an exclusive event that people are constantly clamoring to enter. I am also "Guardian of Mile 20."
In July of 1997 I began working for Parallax Productions/OneZero Media, Inc. as a Segment Producer for "The Wild Wild Web," a weekly half-hour TV show premiering in September in 130 cities nationwide. Since the subject of the show is "What's cool on the Web," I hope to work DRS into one of my segments someday. (Wanna be famous?)

Runin Rev - born 1949. Have been running for 14 years. Started on a dare and to quit smoking. Have a very competitive spirit yet am finding I have more penguin in me than I realized. Goal - become more of a penguin.

Born in 1943. I ran cross country and track in high school. But, I basically stopped after that, and only picked it up again in 1980 I got in shape again to participate in an alumni track meet at the local high school. I subscribe to Hockamock Swamp Rat and run their series of races. The First Hockomock Series 1995/96 (Whooly Morris), a year long trek of 20 races, I finished 15th. The second series 1997/98 (Tarzan Brown) I finished all 20 races, and ended in 32d position. I enjoyed many races, new to me, all over New England. Since the last update, I completed yet another Swamp Rat series (Deerfoot). I finished 15th again. A great way to meet other people, and run on some very challenging courses.I ran two marathons (DeMar..3:46 & New Found Lake...3:35--6 days apart) and qualified for Boston. I completed my only Boston Marathon in 2001: 3:40.

Born in 1951. Started running in 1976 after years of body building, when my coach told me that I should start running for endurance and I never turned back. Senior Mechanical Designer for Polaroid Corp where my main focus of the workday is my noontime run on the Charles River. My main interest in running is trail running in the Middlesex Fells, which is 1/2 mile from my house in Medford. I run for the Cambridge Sports Union, the Trail Animal Running Club and the Irish American Track Club, which I and another guy founded in 1981.

Born 1955 in Midland TX. Now living in Andover, MA. Started running as a sport in itself in 1986, but have played many a "team" sport since jr. high. Claim to sports fame... I believe I am the only person in my high school (and possibly any other) to have scored a basket for the opposing team. Hey! It was a beautiful fastbreak off a steal, and a damn pretty lay-up. And now you know just how directionally impaired I am. Historically, I prefer the short fast distances but am training for longer mileage these days. I still hope to PR at all my distances, 100 meter through marathon. If I can stay healthy, dreamer that I am, I will.

Born 8/23/61 in Washington, D.C. A second generation D.C. native. Currently (and hopefully for years to come) living in Williston, Vermont, a suburb of Burlington, Vermont. I have been married to Tom Rhoads, aka Toads, for 13 years and we have two beautiful children, Zach, 11 and Molly, 6. I was introduced to running in 1981, the year I met Tom. I ran an occasional 10K but convinced myself that running was not for me. In September 1995, I decided to train for the Royal Victoria 8K in Victoria B.C. and I am happy to say I have continued to run since that race and I just celebrated my second year as a runner. I plan to complete my first marathon, Vermont City Marathon in May, 1998. In addition to running I coach youth soccer, play volleyball, enjoy hiking when I can, cross country skiing and now snowshoeing. Since my daughter Molly is in school full time now, I have decided to return to work part-time. Hopefully work wont interfere with running.

Born 1953 in Bellefonte Pa. BSCS from Penn. State and MS from Johns Hopkins. Lived and worked in DC area from 1980 to 1982 and again from 1986 to 1993. That's where I met and married Linda and where son Zach (born 1986) and daughter Molly (1991)were born. In between, I lived in Lewisville, Tx. (between Dallas and Denton). We also did a 2.5 year stint in Richmond, B.C. Canada before returning to the USA and settling in Williston, Vt. where we now live. Started running in 1977, inspired by Jim Fixx. and running friend Reed Humphrey.

Tom & Linda Rhoads's Web Page

DOB: 7/24/62 Northeast native, avid runner and biker, currently living in Florida but frequently visiting the northeast. Goals for 2002 include the Cape Cod Marathon in October, a couple of century bike rides, and playing first base on the local softball team.

Allan RubéD.O.B 7/20/47 - Live in Nashua, NH - runner since 1978 - dead since 93 - used to run marathons but got tired of "long runs" - today, I hope to remain uninjured and keep my times at races 5k to 10 miles from getting slower too quickly as I age. In November, 2001, I suddenly aquired asthma which makes race times unpredictable. Allan's Web Page

D.O.B. 8/14/48 - Nashua, NH - runner since 1979 - ran my only marathon in Boston, 1996. My goals are to keep training and avoid injuries.

Lindsay Russell(1927-2000) Born in 1927, running since 1977. Compete in one 4-mile race each year. They give me tag No. 1 now. With a straight face, they deny it's because of my age. But, hey...I can add!
Bio written in 1994 for Big List

Born in 1963, living in Wilmington, MA. A native of St. Louis, I spent two years in San Antonio before the Texas heat drove me back to the Northern climate of Boston. I generally run two marathons per year. When not running or eating, I'm a Software Engineer.

Born in 1951 in Rangoon, Burma, I came to the U.S. in1959. I was first inspired to run a marathon in 1989 when I saw the London Marathon while at Oxford. I ran L.A. in March, 1990 (4:21), N.Y. in 1993 (4:40) and the Marine Corps in Washington in 1997 (4:12). I hope to run at least one more marathon this fall, with the goal of breaking 4 hours. My favorite races tend to be large and familiar ones: e.g., the Vermont City (Relay) Marathon, the Covered Bridges Half-Marathon, the Newburyport 10 Miler and the Maple Leaf Half Marathon. I live and practice law in Walpole and the Portsmouth area of New Hampshire, and teach Business Law, Health Care Law and other classes at Keene State College and UNH.

Born in 1949 in Ware MA. I now live in Westfield MA, which is about 100 miles west of Boston. I started running in 1984 to lose weight. Really liked it and it changed my lifestyle. Started to get more serious in the early 90's and enjoyed racing everything from 5K to ultra-marathons. I am active in a local running club called Empire One Running Club. I am enjoying giving back to the running community by working several weekly races and coaching less experienced runners. If you are ever in western Massachustts and need to go for a run, call me at 413-562-7775.

Born 1960, raised in New Jersey and Cape Cod, became a Marathoner in 1994, loves Baseball, currently resides in New York City.....wildlife ecologist for NYC Parks Dept, live in Manhattan, heart still somewhere off the coast of New England.

Born in 1963, I live in West Newton, MA near where I grew up (Brookline). I started running around 198x to keep up with some running friends, be able to eat what I want & not gain too much and shed some tension while my dad was battling cancer. It turned into a small addiction.
I tried belonging to a running club, which was good, but found the best group to train with was the DRS bunch. I still look fondly back on the summer of long runs with the Dead along the Charles and credit them with my ability to complete a marathon in 199x. The last 3 years have been skimpy on running since we were trying to start a family. Now that Danny (12/24/99) and Allison (9/24/01) have arrived , and so has our jogging stroller, I need to get motivated to get going again. I always loved to do long slug runs (otherwise known as slower than slow) but need to find others to help me get going again.

- D.O.B. 2/23/69 -I live in Melrose, MA and have been a runner since 1991. I used to run casually about 15 miles each week but have been running about 30 miles each week for the last 5 months since I started my own law firm and have a more flexible schedule. I am currently training for my first marathon in Feb. 1998.

Born 1962, running since about 1991. For work, I do research in parallel and distributed computing. For fun, I fly gliders an airplanes, and I run with the Greater Boston Track Club.

I run whenever I get the urge and can't make it go away by taking a nap. My typical run ranges from a 3.25-mile route around my neighborhood.

Susan Woods aka "Ordinary Jane", I started running in 1992, having never previously run more than a mile. I've completed 6 marathons and countless other races but I still ask myself "Why am I doing this?" in the first mile of every race.

Born 1964, married to Kristen... Dad to Molly ('91), Jack ('93), Michael ('95), Mackenzie ('98) and Luke ('01)... Dead Runner since '94, former Mid-Atlantic Dead... live in Franklin, Mass... Software Engineer with Process Software in Framingham.

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