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Boston Parking

Parking in Boston

Parking in Boston is easy - if you are willing to pay garage prices
without consideration. The difficulty level of finding parking increases as your cost requirements decrease. Having said that, a few notes...

There are several neighborhoods in Boston - Beacon Hill, Back Bay, South End - all with residential and metered parking. I won't even get into the North End because parking is IMPOSSIBLE and you shouldn't even try it.

However tempting it might be... DO NOT PARK in a residential stickered area.
YOU WILL BE TICKETED! The BTA brings vans of ticket people at 7am every
morning and doesn't pick them up until about 7pm. Meters are almost
impossible to find - and if you do not regularly put in quarters, YOU
WILL BE TICKETED! There is free parking a few blocks out on the
outskirts of the South End but it a haul and it's limited. (Not quite a
haul but instead of 10 minutes to the marathon finish from our house,
it's going to be about 30 minutes walk to the marathon finish... that
kinda thing... and security... well...

For garages, there is the Boston Common garage - centrally located right
underneath the Boston Common. Their website is here:
It also has a rate schedule.
Evening Rate - Pay just $10 when you enter the Garage after 4 PM and exit before 10 AM.
Weekend Rate - Enter after 6 AM on Saturday or Sunday and exit by 10 AM the next morning...$10 -Enter after 6 AM Saturday and exit by 10 AM on Monday...$20
A full day's non-weekend rate is $24.

Another garage is:

Non-Garage options...
You can park at one of the T-stations.
You can go to for information. Click click click and you will eventually get to the street information
and station details about parking, etc.

In Quincy & Braintree (Red Line) you can park at North Quincy, Wollaston, Quincy Center, Quincy Adams, Braintree - for anywhere from $3.50-$5.00 a day... including Monday - Marathon Monday is a holiday so there should be parking. One note of caution - the redline takes about 30 minutes from Quincy Center and 45 minutes from Braintree, runs every 20 minutes on the weekends.

Riverside (Green Line) is another option as mentioned before. It is out on Rt 128 - ample parking, etc., but you are riding the green line - might take you about 45 minutes - the D train also runs about every 15 minutes on the weekend - it's one of the slower lines

There is also Alewife & Porter Square (Red Line again) - I think Porter
Square has limited parking and is in Cambridge.

Sullivan Square (Orange Line) also has parking and is in the Somerville