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Check with the mailing list as these runs do not occur each and every week. The purpose of this page is to give directions to common locations.

However, , aka Coach Joe, conducts a weekly track workout on Wednesday evenings. Contact him for directions and schedules.

Alewife MBTA station, Cambridge

Good for a Sunday morning run. Specifically, park and meet at the Bertucci's parking lot next to the T station. Remember, this is early on Sunday before the restaurant is open.
When you get to Alewife, on Alewife Brook Pkwy (Route 16), turn onto Cambridge Park Drive, which is the side road along the side of the big T station building. Pass the station (including Bertucci's, which is on the street level on the Cambridge Park Drive side), to the next intersection, with the traffic signal. Cross the intersection and immediately turn left into the parking lot marked "Free parking for Bertucci's customers." Park there if it is Sunday morning.

Newton Town Hall

Get off 128 on exit 24. Follow Commonwealth Ave to the town hall, which is about 2.5 miles on the right. You'll see City Hall from the intersection before you turn. There is a little parking lot on the right just past the building where we park.

MDC Rink in Boston

93 South to Exit 26 (Storrow Drive). This is an exit only lane, but you are merging with traffic coming from your left. As you merge, you need to stay in the middle lane (left lane will shoot you off Storrow Drive right under the overpass). If that happens, you are on your own. Right lane will send you off towards North Station and the Fleet Center. Again, you are on your own if this
happens. The important thing is to stay on Storrow Drive.
After you get under that overpass, stay in the far right lane on Storrow Drive. The left lane has a bunch of "left lane exit only" things that will totally mess you up (you are on your own again!) and you can't count on traffic letting you change lanes near an exit.
Follow Storrow Drive as it winds along the river. When you begin seeing signs for Newton, move to the left lane. The right lane becomes the exit lane at that point.
At some point, Storrow Drive becomes Soldiers Field Road. Same road, different name. The most confusing point on this road is the intersection with Fresh Pond Parkway. Soldiers Field Road/Storrow Drive takes a hard bend to the left; Fresh Pond slices off to the right.
After passing Fresh Pond, you will see Martingetti's Liquor, Staples, McDonald's IHOP all on your left. One intersection past the above mentioned establishments, Storrow Drive/Soldiers Field Road becomes Nonantum Road. Same road, another name.
About 1/4 mile past the Nonantum Road sign (on your right), you will see what looks like a soccer or football field, some stands, a fence, parking lots. The second parking lot is in front of what looks like a quonset hut with a large "MDC" sign on it. This is the rink meeting place.
November - March the rink will be open, so there are restroom and changing facilities. The remainder of the time, IHOP is open 24 hours and McDonald's opens at 8 AM.


D.R.O.P.S. is "Dead Runners On Pinkney Street" on Beacon Hill in Boston. This training group started in April '96 when Rich Lerman asked for any suggestions of how he could get under 35 minutes for 5 miles, and I suggested hill repeats, which I have used for years. We set a date to meet on Pinkney St. (he actually missed the 1st one). I went over and met Susan Woods and we ran the 1st week, then as the weeks went by, more and more "Deads" joined us. The rest is history.
The '97 version will also begin in April. We usually start a couple of weeks after the Boston Marathon, to give those runners time to recover. We begin with 4 repeats and add 1 per week until We reach 12. Then we'll stay at 12 and try to increase the pace.
Everyone who ran with us did have PR's last year, so it speaks for itself. (Yes, Rich ran his sub 35).
Steve Pero