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new york yankees

My father took me fishing many Saturdays in hopes that I would enjoy the sport. He also taught me about the New York Yankee tradition. My brother became the fisherman in the family; I became the Yankee fan in 1955. Mickey Mantle was my hero.

1955, 1957, 1960, 1964 were all heartbreaking years of childhood. During the late 60s it was hard to be a Yankee fan and I drifted away from following the team on a daily basis. I enjoyed the good years in the late 70s, but by then I was living in New Hampshire so it was hard to follow that team except when they played those guys from Bawston. I got to see one of those August games at Fenway in 1978. That was a moment of fun.

Through osmosis Jacob became a fan at about the same age I did. His enthusiasm sparked interest and a new cable company brought WPIX to Nashua. Now, I get MLB Extra Innings and XM radio for my fix.

1994 was a sad year for all of baseball. I had great hopes for 1995; things did not go well. It was sad seeing many of the players gone over the winter. However, as the 1996 season progressed, I began to see that year's team as a special group of players. They worked hard; a new hero seemed to step up whenever one was needed. New York Yankees - 1996 World Champions!!

1997 did not work out in the end, but 1998 more than made up for that. What a year to be a a Yankees fan! The repeat is 1999 was awesome. I attended my first playoff game. Unfortunately, it was the only game they lost. Can we do it three years in a row?

One year later, I answer yes! This series was amazing because I doubted the Yankees would even make it to the series. The series against Oakland was a tough one. By the time they defeated Seattle, however, I thought they would beat the Mets.

The 9th inning in game 7 of the 2001 world series was hard to swallow. It took me a while to realize the Yankees had not won. I shut off the tv in shock.

I enjoyed the 2002 regular season but was aware of weaknesses. The season cetainly came to a sudden end.

I guess I should be happy we got by the Sox in 2003. The world series was a real letdown, especially with the lack of timely hitting.

2004 was a strange year. We had a large lead by early August but I worried a lot. When we won the first 3 games against Boston I felt pretty good. The next 4 games were unbelievable.

2005 was even weirder. I thought our staff was a lot better than it turned out to be. In late June I wondered if we would miss the playoffs. While the postseason ended quickly, I did not expect more than what happened.

2006 has just ended. We overcame adversity and finished the regular season strong.The playoff series against Detroit was just sad. The team was flat as a pancake.

The 2007 season ended last night. After the last three months, when we went from a 21-29 team to perhaps the best in baseball, it was agonizing to see them lose their ability to play against the Indians. But, to me, a bigger worry is about who will be gone soon - Mo, Jorge, A-Rod - plus other questions on player quality. It seems this winter will be a long one waiting for answers.

Well all three players I mentioned above came back but 2008 was worse than 2007. While we played well at the end, it was not enough to overcome injuries and uninspired play at times. Plus, now Tampa has become a thrif really good team in our division. Another year waiting to see what happens in the off season. Not knowing if there is an easy fix.

I thought 2009 would be a continuation of 2008 once our starting pitching did not do well early. But we went on a roll and I became convinced we had a good team. I think I worried more about beating the Angels than I did about the Phillies. Watching the post game show last night after the series win was really cool. I will miss those players gone next season.

I did miss Damon and Matsui, and i never felt the 2010 team was consistent enough, no matter what statistics show. It was hard to believe they had the best record in baseball for much of the season. When they went into a September slump it seemed all life was drained from them. I hope they get a certain free agent and pick up a few key additions.


There are many Yankees pages on the net that update information on a regular basis throughout the year. This page is not one of them; it was created so that people who come to my personal page know one of my biases.