1996 BAA Album
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I knew I would run my last marathon in 1996 so thought of bringing a camera along. Here I am on my last long run with a group of northeast dead runners in Hopkinton on March 24th, Dick Duggan (orange cap) drove us out from Newton. I ran 23 that day.
Susan is running on what is the first uphill in the course, which occurs right after the descent after the start. It shows what Rte. 135 looks like 364 days a year.
Dan Roy and I at the same point. We left Newton at 7:30 to drive to Hopkinton and must have passed 500 people who were running the course. There were even chartered buses from some of the larger running clubs.
Susan picking up her number on Saturday. She was psyched after watching me run the race for the past 17 years.
Susan and friend at the expo. It was very crowded we had trouble finding one another. At one point I saw Kris Cadwell 4 times while trying to find Susan.Less freebees this year. Saw dead runners Tom Derderian, Steve Patt, and Hal Higdon, along with Gate City Strider Herb Hardman selling their products
John Bingham and his wife at the DRS dinner on Saturday night. John was collecting signatures on his singlet and planned to get more on Monday. Read more about his run in the Penguin Chronicles.
Kris Cadwell and Sam Underwood at the dinner. They are from Michigan. Sam and I both have shelties, both qualified within seconds of each other, did not see each other on Monday but finished 7 seconds apart. Oliver Stone could make a movie about us. Kris and I are experts on Raynaud's syndrome.
Susan and I try on our game day uniforms a day early. It looks like we had already run the race.
We took the Gate City Strider bus from Nashua to the start on Monday morning. We are dressed in our throw away clothes. The other two Nashua teachers running the marathon, Tim Kelley and Jim Hansen, are to Susan's left.