Trip to California August, 2001

We visited Dan in LA for the first time in four years. We stayed in the general Los Angles area most of the time, but we traveled to the Pasadena Mountains and San Diego for races and took a day trip into Mexico. I made 7 albums from the photos I took.

1. Santa Monica Area - Taken over various days - we kept coming back to the beach area

2. Through the Pines 5k and 10k - Around Lake Gregory in the San Bernardino Mountains

3. Getty Museum - Sits high on a hill - view and buildings even better than the collection

4. Pasadena - Wanted to see the many bungalows built between 1902 and 1914

5. Mexico - Day trip to Ensenada

6. South of Los Angeles - To San Diego for a half marathon, then back through Capistrano and Long Beach

7. Assorted - Most include Dan, Susan, or me

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