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my race lists

If you have kept track of your races through the years and wonder what to do with them, make a list, or two or more. That is what I have done. I am placing them here in case anyone wants to look the way I organized the lists or to compare your racing with mine. I used to run a 5 miler under 29:00. Now I run them around 41:30.

For all my races I calculate a 10k equivalent time based on the formula 10k time = (6.21/D)^1.07*T where D and T are the distance and time for a known distance and a point value for the race which is just a constant divided by the 10k equivalent time.
If you are interested in converting the performance at one distance to an equivalent performance at another distance (1500m to a marathon), Runners World has an on line calculator.

At the end of each year I look at this point value to rank my races for the year. I also cut and paste into a master sheet which has the races I have run since I started in 1978. I impo