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Why do I Run?

Why doesn't everyone run?

I am a runner. When I started to run at the age of 30 (1978) I had been putting on the pounds and becoming a real sloth. I started for health reasons. But now I run because I am a runner. Stupid answer to a stupid question.

I began racing in 1978 and running long distances shortly thereafter. I still run almost as hard as I can at races; it just takes me longer to get to the finish line than it once did. But I still enjoy going to the starting line as much as I ever did.

I usually run after leaving my job which means late afternoon. On the weekends, I get up, sit around, and finally kick myself out the door. My main running companions are Susan my wife and Chelsea my sheltie. However, I think 90% of my runs are by myself.

A few years ago, I was at a crossroads in my training. Should I train to get faster or just run my usual daily slow run and not worry about race time, that was the question. I did not have to make a decision. I had atrial fibrillation, along with asthma after 2001. So now, I run for fun. I only run short, low key races without any special training to prepare for them.

I belong to the Dead Runners Society, an internet mailing list for runners.

Dead Runners Society

Part of the early DRS charm was Bad Jokes, which were shared on Fridays. You can read a few old examples if you wish. Just remember the purpose of a bad joke. When you finish it, you should be wondering why you bothered reading it in the first place. If you think it is funny, you have an overdeveloped sense of humor.

The DRS has regional sub lists. I maintain the web pages for the DRS Northeast, which includes the New England and eastern New York areas.

I also belong to The Gate City Striders, a local running club in Nashua. We are a combination social and racing club. We like to think we offer a lot to southern New Hampshre runners.

Boston Marathon

I ran the Boston Marathon from 1979 till 1996. The 100th running in 1996 was the last time I plan to run a marathon. The marathons were fun, but I got tired of training for long events. Susan also ran the race in 1996. That was a big thrill for both of us. I ran with a camera and took pictures along the way.

BTW, The winner of the 1909 Boston Marathon was a resident of Nashua named Henri Renaud.

Running Log

Many years ago I got tired of buying running logs so I made a spreadsheet to log my miles, make a few charts, and keep track of the miles I had on each pair of shoes I owned.
Here are spreadsheets for Excel on the Macintosh and Windows, along with a version for ClarisWorks. They are basic, they need to be updated for the current year, but they are free.

I also have placed all races I have run from 1978 - 2005 on a few web pages. They are arranged in different ways in case anyone wants to see how my performances have changed through the years.

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